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Calls for Expressions of Interest

Calls for Expressions of Interest





Following the ‘Strategy Development Day’ held during November 2012 one of the suggestions put forward was the idea of developing a specialist group with a view to developing and establishing a panel of litigation mediators.

Litigation Mediation will be a sector specific specialised module of mediation to assist in the resolution of all manner of litigated disputes to include supporting the courts with the provision of specially trained Mediators. It is intended that the group will monitor the proposed Mediation Bill (now expected late this year, Heads already published) and make submissions, if appropriate.  The group will be chaired by Richard Lee, solicitor, a member of the main Mediation Special Interest Group.


The aims of the Special Interest Group are as follows:

1.                  To develop and enhance core knowledge and skills for litigation mediators

2.                  To arrange for the delivery of specialised training for litigation mediators

3.                  To establish and publicise the existence of a panel of litigation mediators.

4.                  To inform and involve relevant stakeholders including the preparation of a Litigation Mediation Package to be furnished to the Courts Service, Insurance Companies and all relevant parties.

5.                  To inform and assist litigation mediators regarding the obligations and requirements of the Mediation Bill when it becomes law.


Formal expressions of interest should be sent to within the next ten days and will receive a response. Any queries should be sent  to Richard Lee